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Worlds in Collision
By Immanuel Velikovsky
As Interpreted By Bob Barefoot

Part 4: The Shifting North Poles

When volcanoes erupt, the iron contained in the magma points to the existing magnetic North Pole. Thus by examining the position of the rocks, the position of the North Pole at the time of the eruption can be determined. This is called a paleomagnetic study.

Such studies done on volcanic rocks in both Europe and North America have proven that the North Pole first existed in Arizona and then made its way to the mid south Pacific where it made a u-turn. The North Pole then headed for Japan until it finally came to rest in its current location in the Arctic Circle. The pole location points tend to cluster in a location in the mid southern Pacific and then in the Japan/China region, with no pole location points in between. This suggests a dramatic 8000 mile shift occurred at one time. The near collision of Venus with the Earth is the only event dramatic enough to account for this occurrence. This dramatic shift also helps explain all of the dramatic events worldwide that occurred at this time, including the freezing of equatorial animals in the ice in Siberia.

In the pages to follow, diagrams:

  1. Route of the shifting of he North Poles
  2. The Compromise Route of the Shifting Poles
  3. North Pole Clusters: Mid Pacific/China
  4. North Pole Locations The Day Before and the Day After Venus near Collision With the Earth 3500 Years Ago
  5. North Pole 3500 Years Ago Before the near Collision of Venus With the Earth.
  6. North Pole Days After Venus Encounter

Also, three pictures of a globe showing the North Pole and the equator before the near collision of Venus with the Earth, and four pictures of globes showing the same after the collision are inter-dispersed with the diagrams.

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