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Worlds in Collision
By Immanuel Velikovsky
As Interpreted By Bob Barefoot

Part 3: The Collisions of the Worlds

Collisions of the WorldsAs mentioned earlier, scientists have discovered equatorial vegetation in the ice in locations such Antarctica Greenland and Siberia. Frozen equatorial animals have been found in the ice in Siberia and the bones of elephants, hippopotamus and Saber Tooth Tigers have been found in unexpected locations such as England, France and the New England states, to name a few.

This is proof that the equator has shifted several times, which means that the North Pole has also shifted.

Scientists, using paleomagnetic studies (the study of iron from rocks that were once molten) have determined from rocks from both North America and Europe that the North Pole was originally located in current-day Arizona. Over time, it made its way south to the mid south Pacific where it made a u-turn and shifted toward Japan and China before coming to rest in its current location in the Arctic. This could only be the result of the Earth's mantle floating over the much more massive spinning molten core. Currently, the core is spinning slightly faster than the mantle. This generates electrical currents which then produces magnetic poles.

Events such as the near collision of Venus 3500 years ago would have caused a rapid and dramatic shift in the poles. This rapid shift would result in massive hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. This rapid shift would also result in the 1000 foot tsunamis that carried millions of animals thousands of miles before smashing them into rocks, where their shattered bones are found today in England, France, Germany, the United States, and many other locations. Most life on Earth was wiped out. Millions of people lost their lives. Millions of people living in Atlantis were killed instantly. The oceans became land and the lands became oceans

The wild events described in the Bible and by many ancient cultures, such as the three days of light (with three days of darkness on the other side of the world) and Moses crossing a receding ocean, and eating manna from the sky, can all be readily explained by this catastrophic event. The events that the ancients described, such as how a moon of Jupiter (Venus) was torn away by a comet 3500 years ago and came crashing towards the sun, knocking Mars out of orbit and then nearly crashing into the Earth before taking up its present orbit around the sun. Mars, on an erratic orbit, almost collided with the earth several times over the next 700 years. The Greeks, who believed that Mars was sent by God, described it as being bigger than the moon and subsequently dedicated the very first Olympics in 702 BC to the God of Mars.

Undated Photo of Dr. VelikovskyScientists of today believe that the last glacial period began to end ten thousand years ago. These glaciers were so massive that they covered almost all of North America and much of Europe. They averaged 6000 feet in depth, and this massive size reduced the oceans almost 700 feet. The lowering of the oceans produced an island called Atlantis. Atlantis was bigger than the current Great Britain, and was located a thousand miles out from the straits of Gibraltar.

Because of the warm Caribbean Ocean currents, Atlantis was the preferred place to live and millions lived there. Then 3500 years ago, a thousand foot tsunami ended all evidence of Atlantis and also killed millions of animals.

The dramatic shifting of the North Pole from a location in the mid south Pacific to Japan, where the equator had been the day before, caused the animals to be instantly frozen in the ice. This shift also caused the glacial ice to begin melting. There is substantial scientific evidence to suggest that the glaciers began to melt 3500 years ago. This refutes the glacial melt occurring 10,000 years ago as suggested by some geologists.

The 1910 International Geological Congress in Stockholm concluded that the study of the mollusk population and the tree population of submerged forests proved that great changes and catastrophic fluctuations in the climate of the Earth occurred only a few thousand years ago. The oldest trees in California started life 3200 years ago. The trees of 3500 years ago were wiped out by a 1000 foot tsunami.

By studying the remains of ancient dwellings in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, scientists have concluded that a catastrophic climatic event occurred to wipe out all these people in all these locations. They fix the date at 1500 BC (3500 years ago). Geologists believe that at this same time, the building of large areas of the North Sea resulted from a rather sudden sinking of the land, which authorities date as 1500 BC (3500 years ago). At the same time they believe that the plains of Cambridge was more than once invaded by the North Sea under circumstances considered to be catastrophic. Niagara Falls began as a result of the glaciers melting. Niagara Falls erodes at a constant rate, a few feet each year. Based on erosion, scientists conclude that Niagara Falls began 3500 years ago.

With this, substantial evidence exists that determines that a world-wide catastrophe occurred 3500 years ago. This catastrophe resulted in the melting of the ice of the last glacial period, thereby raising the oceans of the world 700 feet higher, and in the process of doing so, killing millions of people and animals. Velikovsky, supported by Albert Einstein, was right about the close encounter of the Earth with Venus 3500 years ago and the subsequent encounters of the Earth with mars over the next 700 years.


In 1859 Charles Darwin wrote his famous book, “Origin of the Species," where he postulated that all living creatures evolved slowly over millions of years through natural selection of the survival of the fittest. He concluded that all forms of life evolved by gradual emergence from the same most primitive one cell living beings. He believed that all creatures evolved very slowly (millions of years), and would be wiped out even more slowly.

This of course is the opposite of what history records. For example, horses and mammoths were suddenly wiped out of North America a few thousand years ago, and any devastating natural disaster, such as Earth's encounter with Venus would almost destroy his theory. Since these disasters did occur, most of Darwin's theories are therefore incorrect, and yet every school child is taught, in the name of science, his incorrect theories.

Although slow evolution may have occurred between disasters, during the disaster everything would change. Several species would be wiped out, and the inclusion of special parameters, such as temperature electrical discharges and radiation, all could have produced sudden and multiple mutations or new species. Some specimens of species would be destroyed, some would be mutated, and some would escape mutations.

Therefore, who is to say that mankind as we know it didn't, as the Bible says, begin with a great catastrophe 6000 years ago creating the new species. Man. This possibility makes the Bible's version of creation scientifically viable. Unfortunately, because the theory has religious overtones, it would not be allowed in our schools.

As a research chemist, I learned that when electricity or lightening passes through natural substances, such as methane gases and water, RNA is produced. If two RNA could be bound together with phosphate bridging, then DNA is produced and by definition that means that life could be produced.

I worked with a research clay mineralogist, Dr Anthony Foscolos, from Greece. Dr. Froscolos believed that certain clays would be capable of holding the RNA in place, and that all that would be required is the necessary phosphate bridging. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and the research funds were revoked by his superiors who thought that such a ridiculous concept was a waste of time and money. Dr. Foscolos was therefore not allowed to be the first to make life in a laboratory using clay, as he believed that God did.

In other words, God making life from a handful of clay does indeed have scientific merit, as does the encounters of the Earth with other planets. Our children should be allowed to learn of these events so that they may make a more scientific determination of both creation and the Earth's history.

The bottom line is that creation as explained in the Bible has scientific merit and should be taught to our children. "The truth of today was the heresy of yesterday" (Velikovsky, "Earth in Upheaval").

Velikovsky was right !!! Einstein was right !!! God is right !!!

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© 2006 Robert Barefoot